What is DevOps.

DevOps is made from the combination of two words i.e. Development & Operations. DevOps was made so that in an organization both the teams i.e. the development team and the operation team can work in sync. All the changes for the server side and all the modifications that need to be done on the backend sides on server are to be done and operated by the DevOps.


It is philosophy of unifying Development and Operations at the culture, practice, and gear levels, to attain accelerated and a lot of frequent preparation of changes to Production.

DevOps Lifecycle
A DevOps life cycle includes:-

  1. Pull code changes for creating build
  2. Deploy and Release
  3. Configuring the environment
  4. Monitoring the Application
  5. Updating the apps
  6. Run tests
  7. Making an application available to the outside world or outside environment
  8. Application performance and management

DevOps Lifecycle

Tools for DevOps
There are various tools for DevOps present in the market, some of those tools that we will be covering in the tutorials hare are mentioned below:-

  1. Git
  2. Jenkins
  3. Docker
  4. Kubernetes
  5. Prometheus
  6. Grafana
  7. Alertmanager
  8. ELK(Elasticsearch Logstash Kibana)
  9. Ansible

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