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Introduction to List Controller

In this section, we will discuss List Controllers(recordSetVar) of Salesforce. At a given time, we need to view a given set of records from a Salesforce object. This can be achieved by using list controllers which allow you to create Visualforce pages and then you can display or act on a set of records. The standard list controllers can be used in the following set of Salesforce objects.

  • Account
  • Asset
  • Campaign
  • Case
  • Contact
  • Contract
  • Idea
  • Lead
  • Opportunity
  • Order
  • Solution
  • User
  • Salesforce Custom objects


Here we are taking the example of contact object. We fetch the records from contact object and display it using list controllers. To achieve this, we create a visualforce page with the following code. The code creates a page lock with column values matching the column names of the contact object and then display the records.

Note: List controller, we used to achieve pagination too. By default it will show 20 records per page.

 <apex:page standardController="contact" recordSetVar="cnt" >
<apex:form >
<apex:pageBlock >
            <apex:pageblockTable value="{!cnt}" var="c">
                        <apex:column value="{!}"/>
<apex:commandButton value="<" action="{!first}"/>
<apex:commandButton value="<<" action="{!previous}"/>
<apex:commandButton value=">" action="{!next}"/>
<apex:commandButton value=">>" action="{!last}"/>

On clicking on preview the page, we get the following output.

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