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Types of Sandbox

What is a Sandbox

A sandbox is a replica environment of your main production org, which contains all the metadata from the main org. It’s login url is instead of

Sandboxes are only available in the following salesforce editions :

  • Enterprise
  • Performance
  • Unlimited

A sandbox refresh is when we refetch all the metadata/data from production into a sandbox instance.

NOTE : Refreshing a sandbox overrides all the undeployed code, so make sure all the changes are deployed to production before you refresh a sandbox.
Sandbox Description and Availability

Type Refresh Interval Storage Limit What is copied from production? Are templates used?
Developer 1 day 200 MB (data)
200 MB (files)
Metadata only No
Developer Pro 1 day 1 GB (data)
1 GB (files)
Metadata only No
Partial Copy 5 days 5 GB (data)
5 GB (files)
Metadata and sample data Yes, required.
Full Copy 29 days Same as production Metadata and all data. Yes, but not required.

Number of Sandboxes available per edition

Type Professional Edition Performance Edition Enterprise Edition Unlimited Edition
Developer 10 100 25 100
Developer Pro 0 5 0 5
Partial Copy 0 5 1 5
Full Copy 0 1 0 1
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