Joined Reports In Salesforce

Introduction to Joined Report:

Joined Report is a special feature of salesforce. You might have come across a situation where you had a thought, what if I can have multiple report types in one report. Using joined report that leverage a potential of joining two report types in single report and here are some of the outstanding milestone you can achieve with Joined Reports.

Example: Here we are ‘joining Accounts’ and ‘Accounts and Contacts’ in a single report.

Step 1: After login into, click on Report Tab and the click on New Report button.


Step 2: Select an object for which you want to create a Report. Here we are selecting Account object and then click Create button.


Step 3: Click on ‘Tabular Format’ and click Joined.


Step 4: Below screen would open with one report. Now Click ‘Add Report Type


Step 5: Select any report type as per your choice and Click Ok.


Step 6: Two different reports ‘Accounts’ and ‘Accounts and Contacts’ are merged and available in single view on below screen. Click Save.


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