How To Create/Manage User

Introduction to User Management:

Depending on the size of your organization or your new hire onboarding process, you may choose to add users into your organization. Always remember that the maximum number of users you can add is determined by your edition of Salesforce.

To view and manage the users in your organization, from Setup, click Manage Users > Users. The list of users shows all the users of your organization.

From the user list, you can:

  • Create one user.
  • Create multiple users.
  • Reset passwords for selected users.
  • Edit a user.
  • View a user’s detail page by clicking the name, alias, or username.
  • View or edit a profile by clicking the profile name.
Tips for Managing Users
  • You can create custom fields for users object and set custom links to display on the user detail page too. To access these options, from Setup, click Customize > Users.
  • You can use the sidebar search to search for any user in your organization, regardless of the user’s status. However, when using a lookup dialog from fields within records it will always search results return only active users.
  • To simplify user management in org with large numbers of users, delegate aspects of user administration to non-admin users.
How to create a new user

Step 1. From setup click Manage Users > Users


Step 2. click New User button


Step 3. Enter the required information as seen below and click Save button


Step 4. Once new user got created into, an automatic Email will be send to user by the salesforce, on his/her registered email with, then user opens his/her registered email and set password. Finally User will be able to login with his/her credentials.

Note : You cannot delete a User in Salesforce, you can only marked them as inactive and once you marked a User as inactive then his/her assigned license got rolled back

In Lightning Experience:  How To Create/Manage User

Step 1. . Click from right top side in your screen and then click Setup


Step 2. From the Home tab in Setup, enter Users in the Quick Find box, and then select Users.


Step 3. Click New User button


Step 4. Enter the required information as seen below and click Save button


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