First Apex Program | Hello Apex Example

Here, we will learn how to write the Demo program of Apex. We can write a Demo hello Apex program easily after login into Salesforce.

How to open an Apex class in Salesforce?

Click Setup > Develop > Apex Classes

Click New

Write your required Apex code, and click Quick Save/Save button

Let’s create the hello Apex program:

Public class Demo {
   Public void sayHello() {
     System.debug('Hello Apex');

How to compile:

Once you click on the Quick Save/Save button then Apex engine automatically compiles your code.

How to run:

Click on Developer Console button on Apex classes page.
This will open a new popup window, cilck Debug from the menu bar and then click “Open Execute Anonymous Window” submenu or press CTRL + E as below in the screen shot.


Now, create an object of Demo class, call the method and then click on Execute button as below:

How to create Object:

Demo d = new Demo();

Check the Debug Only checkbox to see the output as below in the screen shot.


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