Unit Testing

It is the first level software testing method, where a small part of the code has tests, this is used for the software quality and productivity. We have used white box testing for using the Unit testing.


  • Test fixture : it is to create the baseline for running the test in a fixed environment in which tests are run or it is repeatable.
  • Test case : A test case is the set of condition which is used determined the check the condition under the system.
  • Test suits : test suit is the growing number of test cases,it needs for categories to increase as well. Test suit is similar as shelves, the group test case together.
  • Test runner : this test is done by the user in the defined time and along with their outcome.

Basic test structure

Implements unitesting

import unittest 
class BasicTest(unittest.TestCase): 
    def check(self):         
if __name__ == '__main__': 

This is the basic code of using the unittest framework, which is having a single test. This test () unittest method fails if FALSE is returned instead of TRUE.


C:\Users\ASUS\Desktop>python abc.py

Ran 0 tests in 0.000s



Outcome Possible

OK : its mean all the test is passed
FAIL : It is mean test is not passed and Assertion Error Raised
ERROR : this mean test cases raised the error

import unittest 
class Test_Method_String(unittest.TestCase): 
    def set(self): 
    def teststring_A(self): 
        self.assertEqual( 'A'*4, 'AAAA') 

    def TEST_UPPER(self):         
        self.assertEqual('example'.upper(), 'example') 

    def TEST_IS_UPPER(self):         
    def TEST_STRIP(self):         
        string = 'salesforcedrillers'
        self.assertEqual(s.strip('sales'), 'forcedrillers') 

    def TEST_SPLIT(self):         
        s = 'SALES FORCE'
        self.assertEqual(s.split(), ['SALES', 'FORCE']) 
        with self.assertRaises(TypeError): 
if __name__ == '__main__': 


Ran 1 test in 0.000s



In this program we have covered 5 different type string methods.

Basic Term which is Used in Program

assertEqual(): checking that the result is the same as expected.

assertTrue() / assertFalse() – this method is used to check that result is true or false
assertRaises() this method is used for raise the specific exception

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