Python Development Environment

Python shell is a quick response IDLE you can make or test the program without creating the documents file ,you can also use Windows Command Shell to use Python Shell.

Python IDE(Integrated Development Environment):

There are some third party applications(interpreter) in which we can use Python.

Popular Python IDEs are:-

  • IDLE(Python Default IDE)
  • Pycharm
  • Spyder
  • Eclipse with PyDev
  • Visual Studio

Python Default IDE: IDLE

IDLE stands for Integrated Development Learning Environment. When we installed Python, IDLE was also installed by default. IDLE assumes that files with a known .py* extension contains Python code and that other files do not.

Features of IDLE:

  • IDLE provides support for Windows/Linux/Mac OS X/All Tk Platforms
  • Python shell windows consist of a colorful way to express the error keyword name
  • You can also use Windows command line and Notepad instead of Python Shell.

However, IDLE is not for optimum for larger projects.

Open IDLE:

  • Press the start button and type IDLE.
  • After clicking, on the IDLE the shell will be open.
  • Now open the editor click on File Menu and select the New File section or you can also press ctrl+n to open editor.
  • Pyhton IDE

  • After opening of new document then text editor of Python will be open now you can write the code
  • To run the python code press F5 or go to the Run menu and select run module.
  • Finally your output will be shown at Python Shell.

Python Shell

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