Programming Paradigm

There are two common programming paradigms in use:
1. Procedural Programming
2. Object-Oriented Programming

Procedural Programming Paradigm

● Procedural programming uses a series of steps to tell the computer what to do.
● Procedural programming extensively uses procedures. We can think of procedures as functions which perform specific tasks, such as calculate the incentive of an employee, save the data to the database, run backup and so on.
● The central idea behind procedural programming is to create reusable functions to operate on data.
● There is nothing wrong with this approach, but as the program grows it becomes difficult to manage.

Object-Oriented Programming Paradigm

● The Object-Oriented Programming revolves around objects instead of procedures.
● An object is an entity which contains data as well as procedures that operate on the data.
● Before we create objects, we first have to define a class. A class is simply a template where we define attributes and methods.

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