Programming Overview

Why Programming?

Python programming is powerful, expressive and productive at the same time. With python, we can create quick programs and in understandable form, we don’t need to write full code in python because it provides a huge collection of libraries.

Features of Python : –

  • Python supports High Level Languages closest to Human language.
  • It is an Open source Language.
  • Python is easy ,lots of complex syntax is moved.
  • It is a highly readable language.
  • Python reduces the length of the code and makes it so easy to be written.
  • Python depends upon the interpreter.
  • Python is a dynamic language,it is platform independent languages.
  • Python program is so portable
  • Python supports Object oriented and Procedural oriented languages.
  • Python supports multithreading.
  • Python has an auto memory management technique.
  • Python has its own garbage collector.

Applications of Python

  1. Console Based applications
  2. Software Development
  3. Data Science and Analytics
  4. Image Processing applications
  5. Enterprise application
  6. Business applications
  7. Cloud Configuration
  8. Scientific and Numeric Computing
  9. Web based applications
  10. Audio or Video based applications
  11. Desktop GUI applications
  12. 3D CAD applications
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