Introduction And Installation


A database is a structure memory where we store organized information. Database contain multiple tables, which may each include the different fields and fields contain the important information,

For example, a college may include tables for student Information, Admission, employee details and their salary information.

Python can be used with database applications. In this tutorial we will talk about the Mysql Database.

We make all the programs with the context of Mysql

MySQL Database

Before working with MySQL database we have to download and install Mysql database program in your Computer,

You can download free from click this link

Install Mysql Drivers

Python needs a MySQL driver to access MySQL database. We will install “MySQL connector” using pip command in from windows shell.

C:\Users\laptop\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python36-32\Scripts>python -m pip install mysql-connector

After the successful install of the mysql connector we have to check whether the application driver is installed or not.

Test Mysql Connector

import mysql_connector

Run this program if there is no issued to run program meaning that it driver load successfully.

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