How to Install Python?

Visit to the link according to your operating systems.

Installation on Windows

Here are the step by step instructions to install the python in your local machine.

  1. Visit the link to download the latest release of Python for Windows.
  2. release version

  3. Double-click the downloaded executable file, the following window will get open.
  4. Tick the Add Python 3.x to PATH at the bottom of the window; then select Install Now to proceed.
  5. install python

  6. Next window will be Optional Features. All the features need to be installed and are checked by default. Click Next to continue.
  7. setup python

  8. Next window will be Advance Options. Check on all the options you want to install and along with Customize install location. Click Next to continue.
  9. Finally we are ready for installation. Setup will get installed within a few minutes.

Run Python on Command Prompt

    Open windows Command Prompt.

  • To check the Python installed version, give below command
  • command python verison

  • To open Interactive Python Console, give below command
  • command python console

    Python Interactive Console : Python Interpreter

    • The Interactive Console (Python shell) offers the opportunity to explore Python.
    • On Python Shell programmers can quickly execute commands and try out or test code without creating a file.
    • Python Shell provides access to all of Python’s built-in functions and standard modules as well as to other installed modules i.e, within interactive python session, we can enter fragments of Python programs and see instant results.
    Python 3.8.4 (tags/v3.8.2:7b359, Feb 25 2020, 23:03:10) [MSC v.1916 64 bit (AMD64)] on win32

    Google Colaboratory

    It is also known as Google Colab It is the project of Google ,Basically it’s widely used Data Science ,Machine Learning and Deep Learning. It is a free Jupyter Notebook. it is based upon cloud base service. It is online platram so that’s why there are no needed to setup the Google Colab.

    goole colab

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