Data types and data structures in python

Data Structure

Data Structure is used for storing multiple data that enables its access and modification efficiently. Data Structures in Python to solve these problems:

  • List
  • Tuple
  • Dictionary
  • Set
  1. List : List is Data Structure in Python ,which contains the heterogeneous data type. that is mutable data type,it contain the order of the value which is called element of List, it its support the index value ,by using this we can easily access any value in List
  2. To get more information about list please prefers following link :

  3. Tuple : Tuple is also Data Structure in Python which is immutable data type ,once element is entered in tuple that neither change nor modified. Aim to define the tuple is prevent the data to modification inattentive . it also support the index value.
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  5. Dictionary : Dictionary is an associative array. Which support key and value as element. Dictionary is started by the curly braces.
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  7. Set : Set is collection of the unordered data set, set does not support indexing ,due to this reason we cannot change any value in the set, Duplicate value is not supported in the set. We can easily find out the union, intersection, difference and symmetric difference in the set. Set is also started by the curly braces.
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