Introduction to Angular

Angular 7 is a JavaScript framework used for developing web applications and apps. Angular comes with many built-in features like animation, http-service, navigation, menus , auto complete and so on. Typescript is used to code in Angular. Typescript is a superset of JavaScript which intern compiles to JavaScript and displays in the browser.

Angular is an open source and it has a very strong developer community. Angular is owned by Google.

It helps to build Single page applications. SPA is an application or website which gives a very good user experience. Eg: When a user clicks a button to navigate to some other page – instead of redirecting or reloading the page it will rewrite the current page on its own.

  • Google introduced Angular 1.0,
  • It is a Javascript Framework
  • JavaScript is used to code in AngularJS
  • It uses Scope and concepts.
  • Angular 1.0 called as AngularJS
  • Angular 2+ uses typescript to code & develop applications.
  • It is used to build frontend application
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