Angular 8

Angular 7 was released on 2018 – 18th october

Angular 8 was released on 2019 – 10th May. it comes with backward compatibility and it is similar to its previous version with few improvements and upgrades.

Features of Angular 8

  • It supports typescript 3.4
  • It supports web worker
  • Ivy compiler
  • dynamic imports for lazy-loaded modules
  • Improvement of ngUpgrade

TypeScript 3.4:

Angular 8 comes with support for typescript 3.4 and inorder to use it we need to install or upgrade typescript version to 3.4.

Web Worker:

Using WebWorker, javascript applications can run parallel or background jobs. Such workers or jobs are used for high CPU intensive applications.

We can ask the web worker to perform a job, which helps freeing your main thread and UI will be smooth.

We can use the below command to create a worker.

ng generate worker backend-worker

IVY and Bazel

IVT is a new rendering engine and Bazel is a new build system.

Ivy is the default rendering engine in Angular version 9.

Bazel provides one of the newest features of Angular 8 as a possibility to build your CLI application more quickly.

The advantages of Bazel are listed below:
  • It has incremental build and tests.
  • It can make backends and frontends with a same tool.
  • It can have remote builds and cache on the build farm.

Dynamic imports for lazy-loaded modules

In Angular 8, instead of custom string lazy loaded modules, we can use standard dynamic import syntax.

{ path: '/student', loadChildren: './student/student.module#StudentModule' }  
{ path: `/student`, loadChildren: () => import(`./student/student.module`).then(s => s.StudentModule) }
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