What is NGINX?

Nginx is a web server for serving static files. It is an open source, lightweight, high performance and fast web server. It is considered as the popular web server behind Apache web server and Microsoft’s IIS.

NGINX is used for websites on the internet with heavy traffic by improving content and application delivery, improving security and scaling application.

Difference between NGINX and APACHE

There are two web servers i.e. Apache and NGINX which works as web traffic player over the internet but works differently from each other.

Apache is “Apache HTTP Server”. Which is an open-source, highly performance-oriented software (web server). It is being maintained and developed by Apache Software Foundation. It is designed to create a secure, robust and efficient commercial-grade web server in line with the HTTP standards.

Apache runs on various Unix systems such as Linux, BSD, etc. Nginx also runs on various unix system but it has very limited support for windows.
It is a web server. It is both a web server as well as reverse proxy server
A single thread in apache can handle only 1 connection. A single thread in nginx can easily handle multiple connections.
Its performance is slow as compared to nginx Its performance is fast and it consumes less memory
It cannot handle multiple client request It can handle multiple client request
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