What is Kibana

Kibana is an open source visualization dashboard for Elasticsearch, where we can see all of our application logs picked up by elasticsearch. Users can produce bar, line and scatter plots, or pie charts based on the requirements and maps on high of enormous volumes of information.


We will install kibana with docker and remember to provide the elasticsearch url in docker run command so that it should be able to connect to elasticsearch to visualize the application logs.
To run kibana using docker execute the command below

sudo docker run -it -d -p 5601:5601 -e "ELASTICSEARCH_URL=" docker.elastic.co/kibana/kibana:6.5.1

In the above command we are running kibana as a docker container and we have passed our elasticsearch url as an environment with docker host ip and elasticsearch port no. and we are running in detached mode


To access kibana dashboard hit your server ip with port 5601 ex:-

kibana dashboard

To Create your index pattern for logs follow the steps:-

  1. Click on Management
  2. Click on Index Pattern
    index pattern
  3. Now type the name of your index and it should completely match your index pattern
    match your index pattern

  4. Now click on Next Step
  5. Select timestamp from dropdown
  6. timestamp from dropdown

  7. Click on Create Index pattern
  8. Now Click on Discover, you will be able to see your application logs
    application logs
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