What is Git Repository?

Git repository is just a file location that is hosted somewhere on the cloud where you can store all the files/folders/packages related to your project.

Let’s say if you are developing an application, whatever you are coding, all the different service modules for your application will be dumped in your Git repository once you commit & push.

When you are working on Git, you have two repositories i.e. Local & Remote Repository.

Local repository: It is just a file location residing in your system where git is installed. When you do git commit, your code, a particular version is created in your local repository..

Remote repository:GitLab provides facility to create remote repository which lies outside the system i.e. on remote machine. Remote repository helps to share code within multiple people and hence increases collaboration.

Create a Git Repository

For creating git repository please follow the steps below:-

  1. Login to your Github Account.
  2. Click on the plus icon on top right and click on New Repository
    github repository
  3. Give a name to your repository and then select either public or private based on your requirement then click on Create Repository Create Repository
    create repository
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