What is ELK?

ELK stands for Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana. This tool is for the centralized logging of our application, suppose the application is running on multiple servers, so to obtain the logs at a single point ELK is used, and it is very easy to set up, where Elasticsearch is used for searching, Logstash is used for log aggregation and Kibana is used for visualizing the logs.

ELK Architecture
ELK Architecture

ELK is open source product for searching and analyzing data in any format and with any type of source designed with Elastic feature. Visualize that data in real-time. It make the use of Logstash for log aggregation, Elasticsearch for searching and Kibana for visualizing and analyzing data.

  1. Beats: It is used to ship data either to Elasticsearch or Logstash which is collected at the client end.
  2. Logstash:It is log collection engine which collects logs and even data to parse and transform.
  3. Elastic Search:(Database) Store, Search and Analyze
  4. Kibana:It is visualization tool for exploring, sharing and visualizing by eliminating the need of complex SQL Query.
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