Managing Plugins

We have already gone through various plugins in our previous sections. Let’s have a look at some maintenance tasks related to plugins. To see the list of all available plugins in Jenkins, open the below link:

How To Install Plugins:

  1. To install a plugin, go to the Jenkins Dashboard and then click on Manage Jenkins.
  2. Select Manage Plugins.
    manage plugins
  3. Install the Deploy to container plugin by going to manage plugin option in manage jenkins.
    deploy plugin
  4. Select that plugin and click on Install without restart button. Download now and install after restart button can be chosen.
    install without restart

    Once the installation has been completed successfully, click on Go back to home page of jenkins


How To Uninstall Plugins

  1. Go to Manage Jenkins to uninstall a plugin in Jenkins.
  2. Select Manage Plugins
    select manage plugins
  3. Click on the Installed tab. And select the plugin which you want to uninstall and click on the Uninstall button.
    uninstallation plugins
  4. Click on Yes button.
    removed installation
    Your selected plugin will be removed successfully.

How To Install the Plugin Manually
it may be necessary to install an older version of a plugin, so you can do this manually

  1. First you need to download plugin from relevant plugin page on official Jenkins website. Then go to the Jenkins dashboard and then select Manage Jenkins.
  2. Go to Manage Plugins
    manage plugins
  3. Click on Advanced tab. Browse the downloaded plugin’s location on upload plugin section on Advanced tab.
    downloaded plugins
  4. Then click on the Upload button.
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