Kubernetes Interview Questions

What is kubernetes?

Kubernetes is an open-source container-orchestration system for automating application preparation, scaling, and management. Kubernetes was originally designed and developed by Google for their orchestration, later Google decided to launch it in market and it is currently maintained and supported by Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF).

What are the components of master node in kubernetes?

The components of master nodes are as follows:-

  1. etcd
  2. Api server
  3. Scheduler
  4. Controller manager

What are the components of worker node in kubernetes?

The components of worker node are as follows:-

  1. Kubelet
  2. Kubernetes proxy service

What is meant by kubernetes service?

Kubernetes service is Nursing abstraction associate which describes Pods logical set and policy to access them.

What is meant by kubernetes deployment?

Deployments represent a group of multiple, identical Pods with no distinctive identities. A preparation runs multiple replicas of your application and mechanically replaces any instances that fail or become unresponsive. during this method,

Why do we need a multi master cluster setup in kubernetes?

We need a multi master cluster setup because at the time of deployment if one of our master server goes down then the other master server is there to handle our deployments.

What are the benefits of kubernetes?

There are various benefits of kubernetes, some of them are:-

  1. It provides 0 downtime deployment for our infrastructure
  2. It is self healing, if any pod get deleted, a new one will be created automatically
  3. If any of our master or worker node falls down, it will automatically create a new master or worker node.

What is meant by ingress?

In ingress we can host multiple services using a single load balancer, it also helps up in cost saving.

What are the best practices for creating cluster in kubernetes?

By creating the cluster with multi master node and in multi-az because if one availability zone goes down, another availability zone will serve the request.

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