Emails have a crucial aspect in every organization due to its ease of use, and availability. The email notification is a plugin tool to automate notification alert whenever an email is received. It is useful for Continuous Integration i.e. CI.

1. Go to the Manage Jenkins and click on Manage Plugins.

Now go to the Available tab and type email in the filter field and then install “Email Extension Plugin” and “Email Extension template Plugin”.

Email Extension template Plugin

2. To configure an SMTP server, go to Manage Jenkins -> Configure System.

configure an SMTP server

3. Go to the Email Notification section and enter the required SMTP server and click on the Advanced button.

Email Notification

Click on the Use SMTP Authentication checkbox and enter the:

    1. User name
    2. Password
    3. Use SSL: Checked
    4. SMTP Port: 465

    SMTP Authentication

    Check the mark on the Test configuration by sending test e-mail and enter the email id on the Test email receipt section. And then click on the Test configuration button to check whether the email id is valid or not.

    4. Click on the Apply and then Save button.

    5. Open dashboard page of Jenkins. Click on job which is created like HelloWorld. Then click “configure” option.

    6. Scroll down and add post build action and select Email Notification.

    select Email Notification

    7. Put email id for receipt in the E-mail Notification section and then ‘send e-mail for every unstable build’ option should be selected.

    8. Click on apply and then save the button.

    9. Run the job.

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