Anaconda Installation

Getting Python

Python provides the framework to work with data science it code is up to date now ,there are lots of tutorial found in the internet or official website of the Python

You can downloads the python documentation from the documents available in pdf,html format

Installing Python

Unix/Linux Installation

Step 1 : Open the web browser and hit the website

Step 2: follow the corresponding link for download zipped source code available for Unix or Linux.

Step 3: Download the zip and extract the file.

Step 4: Editing the Modules/Setup file if you want to customize some options.

Step 5 :run ./configure script

Step 6: make install

This will install the special location of python user/bin/local and library at sr/local/lib/pythonXX where XX is the version of Python.

Windows Installation

Step 1: Open the web browser hit the website

Step 2:Download the file python.exe latest version.

Step 3: run the file and install the file.

Installing Anaconda


1. Visit
2. Select Windows
3. Download the .exe installer
4. Open and run the .exe installer
5. Open Anaconda Prompt and run some Python code

Visit the Download Page of Anaconda

Go to the following link

Select the Windows Section and download the version according to your needs.

After click any following option you will see the download notification

After downloading the page file ,run the file via double click on the file the you will seen the following dialog box.

Then agree the license

At the Advanced Installation Options screen, you can choose the path option

Hit the install button after the installation complete now you available the use of anaconda and running of the python all codes

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