Overview of AWS development

AWS (Amazon Web Services) is a platform that offers cost-effective, scalable and flexible solutions to plenty of large organizations. It is comprehensive and easy to use. Companies such as Netflix, Instagram, Dropbox, Pinterest, and Etsy use AWS services and find it very reliable and durable.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides an organization with a wide range of services such as storage, databases, networking, development tools, analytics and much more on pay-as-you-go model, which means you need to pay only what you are using on AWS. Also AWS lets an organization use familiar programming models and architecture.

Why AWS?

  • AWS has 165 fully-featured services from data centers around the world. Among the 165 services, 40 services are not available anywhere else.
  • Today, large organizations, the world’s fastest growing startups, and government firms use AWS as their power tool to reduce physical infrastructure, lower costs and become more agile which makes AWS the largest community of partners and customers.
  • The AWS system is designed in a way to withstand all security checks and is trusted by military, banks and other sensitive global organizations.
  • With AWS, we can explore newer technologies like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence etc in a very defined way
  • AWS has been running for over 14 years and continues to be on high demand as the most operational experience than any cloud provider in the world.
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