What is CloudWatch?

CloudWatch is a service used to monitor your AWS services that you run on AWS in real time. It is used to collect metrics that measure your resources and applications. Cloudwatch displays the metrics automatically about every AWS service that you choose and configure to monitor/watch.

Cloudwatch services/terms

  • Dashboards: CloudWatch Dashboards is used to create dashboards to show what is happening with our AWS services.
  • Alarms: Cloudwatch alarms allow us to set alarms to notify us whenever a particular threshold limit is hit.
  • Logs: It helps us to store logs.
  • Events: CloudWatch events help us to respond to state changes to your AWS services/resources.

Let’s create an EC2 Dashboard fromCloudWatch for Monitoring:

Step 1: Go to cloudwatch service from aws services and then go to Dashboard from there create dashboard.

Go to


Step 2: Give the logical name to your Dashboard and then select the Dashboard type and add to the dashboard.

Here for demo purpose, we added the Line Dashboard


Step 3: Now Choose Service, We choose EC2 for demo purpose.


Step 4: Click on the per-instance metrics and then CPU utilization.


Step 5: Find your EC2 instance with unique InstanceID and mark/tick as below.


Step 6: Now you can see CPU utilization Dashboard as below.


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