AWS SNS stands for Simple Notification Service. AWS SNS is a web based service which makes it easy to set up, operate, and send a notification from the cloud.

As per below diagram. We have publishers, topics and subscribers.
Publisher: Publisher publishes the data over SNS topic.
Topic: It is a feed name to which data is stored.

Subscriber: SNS sent the data to Subscriber who subscribed to that topic such as web servers, email addresses, SMS etc.

Steps to create SNS:

Step1: Go to SNS Service from AWS services.


Step 2: Click on Create topic.


Step 3: After clicking the “Create topic” you will get below screen where you need to fill all the required information. Once you fill all the required information then click on create


Step 4: Once you created your topic, after that create Subscription to get the email notification.


Step 5: After click on create subscription, please fill all the required information as below:


Step 6: Finally, you will get an email notification.

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