Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS)

EBS is a virtual block device. You can think of it as a hard drive, although it’s really a bunch of software magic to link into another kind of storage device but make it look like a hard drive to an instance.

EBS is just the name for the whole service. Inside of EBS you have what are called volumes. These are the “units” amazon is selling you. You create a volume and they allocate you X number of gigabytes and you use it like a hard drive that you can plug into any of your running computers (instances).

Types of EBS

Volumes: It can either be created blank or from a snapshot copy of the previous volume.

Types of EBS volumes and their Configurations:

Snapshots: snapshots of volumes: An exact capture of what a volume looked like at a particular moment in time, including all its data.

EBS resize

Go to Volume. Select the volume you want to modify and click on Modify Volume.

Set your size and click on Modify.

You will find the screen below.

Congrats you just Modify EBS volume.

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