Amazon CloudFront

  • Provide a brief introduction to Amazon Web Services.

  • Present an overview of Amazon CloudFront.

  • Demo how to set up RTMP Streaming with JW Player on.

  • Amazon CloudFront (time permitting).

  • Learn how to get started on CloudFront.

  • Amazon’s Three Businesses

    that is:

    What is Amazon Web Services?

  • Amazon Web Services is a cloud computing platform that provides flexible, scalable, and cost-effective technology infrastructure for businesses of all sizes around the world utilizing the knowledge, expertise, and tools used to run’s global web properties for over a decade.

  • AEributes of Cloud Computing

  • No capital expenditure.

  • Pay as you go and pay only for what you use.

  • True elastic capacity; Scale up and down.

  • Improves time to market.

  • Focus your engineering resources on what differentiates your business vs. the infrastructure required to run it.

  • AWS Computing PlaIorm

    AWS’s global presence.

  • North America.

  • Europe.

  • South America.

  • Asia.

  • Overview of Amazon CloudFront.

    Key features for CloudFront.

  • RTMP (Flash) and HTTP Adaptive Bitrate Streaming for Live and VOD.

  • HTTP/HTTPS File Delivery.

  • Private Content.

  • Programmatic Invalidation.

  • Industry‐compliant, detailed Access Logs.

  • AWS Management Console.

  • Full control via APIs.

  • Great performance to a global audience.

  • Amazon is a metrics driven company.

  • We focus on metrics that capture the end user experience: the “last mile,” not internet “backbone” data centers.

  • Your customers do not live in data centers.

  • Easy to configure and manage solutions.

  • Self service signup and configuration anytime, from anywhere.

  • AWS Management Console to create and manage CloudFront distributions.

  • Programmatic APIs for integration into your own systems and workflow.

  • Access controls and authentication.

  • Private Content Feature authenticate users with signed URLS.

  • Uses policy-driven access controls for control and flexibility.

  • Restrict on resource or path, time, source IP

  • Signatures generated using asymmetric encryption

  • SSL delivery and RTMPE streaming encrypt bytes on the wire.

  • Origin Access Identities secure your content in Amazon S3.

  • Identify and Access Management (IAM) to control who can configure your CloudFront distributions

  • Scalability for unpredictable spikes.

  • Operating reliability at scale is in our DNA.

  • Self‐service signup and configuration gives lets you set up new distributions when you need it.

  • On demand scalability: Access to our entire global network of locations.

  • Designed for Capacity: Ensures customer success with a guaranteed SLA and continuous investment and updates to servers/services.

  • Scale on Demand.

    Low‐overhead, cost‐effective solutions.

  • Low cost: reduced CloudFront pricing four times in last 3 years.

  • Pay-as-you-go pricing with or without commitments making it affordable to distribute streaming media.

  • Tiered pricing, rates go down as volume increases.

  • Reserved CloudFront Capacity pricing reduces rates with a longer term commitment.

  • Reporting and analytics.

    Amazon CloudFront Log Analyzer for Elastic MapReduce.

  • Generate usage reports containing total traffic volume, object popularity, a break down of traffic by client IPs and edge location.

  • Reports are formatted as tab delimited text files, and delivered to the Amazon S3 bucket that you specify.

  • Standard W3C format creates partner ecosystem solutions.

  • For instance, S3stat automatically tracks your CloudFront and S3 Usage Statistics through graphical reports generated on a nightly basis.

  • Identify performance bottlenecks caused by slow loading content.

  • Reliable delivery to wide range of clients.

  • Multiple delivery protocols for different plaqorms and devices.

  • Adobe RTMP

  • HTTP Streaming for iOS.

  • Microsor Silverlight.

  • Options for live and on‐demand video.

  • Full control over origin for live streaming.

  • Reliability backed by CloudFront Service Level Agreement.

  • CloudFront Streaming.


  • No server hardware infrastructure to set up or maintain.

  • No up‐front investment in sorware licenses or cost for future sorware upgrades.

  • No long‐term commitment.

  • Global delivery using CloudFront.

  • Pay for what you use (data transfer)

  • Ensure great experience as number of end users grows.

  • Easy to get started with self service management console.

  • CloudFront supports the following variants of the RTMP protocol: RTMP, RTMPT, RTMPE, & RTMPTE.

  • Streaming Server and Media Player.

  • Media player files can be hosted in S3 or custom origin and delivered using CloudFront http:// distribution.

  • Host your video files in S3 and create a streaming distribution to stream the video.

  • No long‐term commitment.

  • RTMP Streaming with Amazon CloudFront.

    Simple 5 step process.

  • 1. Download Media Player files

  • 2. Upload the video and media player files to S3 (media player can use a custom origin). Make the files (not the bucket) publicly readable.

  • 3. Create distributions. Create the streaming and downloadable distributions ( if using S3 for your media player files).

  • 4. Configure your media player with the correct path to the file. How you configure the media depends on which media player you’re using and how you’re using it.

  • 5. Create the HTML page for your video.

  • Gebng Started..

    Simply sign up for CloudFront at

  • Amazon S3 or your own custom origin for storing the objects

  • Create a streaming or download distribution using CloudFront

  • Place the CloudFront URL on your site.

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