Setting up Android Studio

In this tutorial, we will learn about Android Studio in depth, how to set it up and its features.

setting Android Studio

From the date of its stable release, Android Studio has been the official development tool that supports all types of Android SDKs for android application development.

android application development

NOTE:You do not need to worry about the version of Android Studio as seen in the image above. It might not match with the current stable version and you must download the latest stable version of Android Studio from official android studio web site.

Features of Android Studio

There are a lot of great features offered by Android Studio for App Development. From development’s perspective here are a few features which are:

  • Gradle:Very new and most noticeable difference from Eclipse IDE (used for development before) is Gradle. This lets you create multiple targets (Mobile, TV) for an android app with different features under the same project and modules. Developers can also customize and configure build process of the application and you might have one project with all modules APKs in your bucket.
  • Eclipse IDE

  • Cloud Integration and Firebase:With the help of Google App Engine you can connect to the different Google Clouds services with minimum effort straight from Android Studio. It can be using the Firebase Assistant you can easily connect to Firebase to use its quick Authentication, Punch Notification and other features.
  • API Integration:In android various Apis are configured, that can be directly used in android app development. Additionally apis can also be integrated in android studio. Here by clicking on (+) or (-) we can add or remove third party libraries.
  • Cloud Integration and Firebase

  • Dynamic Layout View:Layout editor allows drag and drop functionality and also programmatic manners. Additionally it also provides a preview of the UI while you edit the XML which is used .
  • Dynamic Layout View

  • Code Assistance:Very quickly and supportive code assistance [Ctrl + Space] is there for developers/programmers to choose appropriate selection from the list of items while typing very few letters of code.
  • Code Assistance

  • Documentation View:For every suggested class and interface or code, you can refer to its documentation to get more help in a separate popup window in the code editor itself.
  • Version Control:In Android Studio Github is already integrated in it. So that your code can directly be pushed to online i.e. cloud based repositories like Github or BitBucket through Android Studio.
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