How to make android apps

  1. Create the new android project
  2. Write the message (optional)
  3. Run the android application

Here click on “Start a new Android Studio Project”, then this screen will open. Here it shows predefined project templates, we are going to create very simple app so we need to select “Empty Activity”.

After selecting the “Empty Activity” template, click Next, it will open this screen.

  • So here we need to set out the project name or app name.
  • In Package name we leave as it is. Also when we publish apps in play store that package name should be unique.
  • In save Location it will save the project on that location.
  • In language option we need to select “Java”, recently android has developed their own programming language ie. Kotlin.
  • In Minimum SDK we will choose the android operating system version which is associated with api number.

Then click Next.

So here it will successfully create an android project.
We can see the project structure here. In the java package have java files which are used for the logical part of the app and in the res folder we have a layout folder where it stores xml files which are used for app design.

Open “activity_main.xml” file and it will show the app screen design.

So here we are able to open in 2 ways, first is code and second one is design. To open the code way we need to click on the “code” option in the top right corner. It will open that layout in xml code.

Here we can see that layout file in xml code, also we can see design at same time by clicking on “Layout Validator” on right bottom.

Here we can change the code in tag, it has text property which has value ie. “Hello World!”, we will change this text to “Hello Android” and it will change rela time on the right side design screen.

Now we have changed the message of this layout app screen. To run the project click on the top Play icon.

Here it will run in an android emulator, also you can run this app in your real device by connecting using usb wire. Your device name will show in this list, choose your device and run the app by clicking on play icon.

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