Creating Android Virtual Device with AVD Manager

In this tutorial, you will learn what is AVD Manager and how you can we create an AVD (Android Virtual Device) to test your first android application

An Android Virtual Device is a device configuration that executes on the Android Emulator too It provides a virtual device-specific Android Environment in which can install & test our Android Application and AVD Manager is a part of SDK Manager to create and manage the virtual devices created.

To open AVD manager we have to go to Tools → Android → AVD Manager as shown in below image.

It will open AVD Manager with a list of created virtual devices as shown in the below image. It may be empty now as you haven’t created any device as of now. To create a new device, click on the Create Virtual Device button at the bottom-left corner.

It will open a new window for selecting Hardware type for your virtual device and this list contains almost all the Android devices with their required settings. Select any one out of all the devices listed and with your required configuration (like screen size and resolution and Density) and click on the Next button.

Next you will be asked for selecting System Image that can be the running Android Version for your newly created virtual device like shown in an image. Choose as per your required configuration and now click on Next and you are done.

Next window will list down all the configured setting for final verification. Here, you can give your AVD a name for identification and it can change device type and API configuration and can also setup size, orientation as well as Graphics for your AVD.

Click on Show Advanced Setting and you will see more advanced setting for your virtual device as shown in image below. Here you have setting for Camera, Memory (RAM & Heap) and Storage (Internal & External) and Virtual Device Frame.

You can configure your device as per your requirements and click on Finish button.Android Studio will promptly start building AVD with the selected configurations & might take some time and it completes and AVD Manager will list out virtual device in the available devices list as shown in below image.

From the Action column(last column of the table), you can perform several actions like Launch AVD and Edit AVD configurations etc. Launch your first AVD by clicking the Start icon(green play icon). It will start a Virtual Device just like an Android Device as shown in the image below.

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