What is Android

Android is an open source which means free to use and Linux-based operating system which is android kernel is based on Linux OS and it is used for mobile devices such as smartphone and tablet computers. Android was developed by Google, and other companies.

Benefits of learning Mobile Application Development.

Everyone refers to the mobile App to fetch the data and used for sending email and communication, to inquire, to search for anything. Every business is trying to promote their products and services through mobile apps. The nature of the company or the quality of their products is judged by their App and apps are generally used in 2 platforms ie. Android and IOS apple OS.

Well designed Mobile App play an important role to enhance the reach of your products and services.

It is for sure; Mobile Application developers are in demand in market nowadays.

There are different types of Mobile applications:

Native Applications:

These are applications developed to be used on a selected platform and software like automaton, iOS etc. Native apps are typically written in specific languages that the platform accepts. They’re conjointly engineered to mistreat the precise Integrated Development atmosphere (IDE) for the given operative systems, like automaton Studio and used java or kotlin programming language for automaton Apps and XCode for iOS Apps that use swift or objective-c programming language.

Hybrid Applications:

These are applications developed to be employed in multiple platforms i.e are often deployed on each iOS and automaton platforms. Hybrid mobile applications are in-built an identical manner as websites; it’s rather like an internet browser in a very mobile. each use a mix of technologies like hypertext mark-up language, CSS, JavaScript. However, rather than targeting a mobile browser, hybrid applications target a WebView based mostly within a native app. this permits them to try and do things like access hardware capabilities of the mobile devices.

Progressive Web Applications (PWAs):

A Progressive internet App (PWA) could be a internet app. It means that an easy hypertext mark-up language associate degreed CSS based mostly online page that uses fashionable internet capabilities to deliver associate degree app-like expertise to users while not requiring them to put in an app from the AppStore/PlayStore, you’ll be able to open easy internet computer address to access them. They’re typically accessible by an internet computer address which might continually be stapled or saved on your phone’s home browser.

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