How to setup STS and create basic folder

September 19, 2022

Prerequisite :- JDK should be setup
Step1: Click link

Step2: Click on windows version (4.16.0 – WINDOWS X86_64) like given below:-

JDK  should be setup

It will download spring-tool-suite-4… in your download folder.

Step3: Double click on downloaded jar, it will unpack jar and create a folder which has SpringToolSuite4.exe file.

Step4: Click on SpringToolSuite4.exe and it will open STS IDE as follows :-


Step5: Click on create project, then it will show following screen where you have to select Spring Starter Project: –

Spring Starter Project

Step6: – Then click on next, see below screen :-

Change Group artifact and version based on your need.

Group artifact

Step7: – It will create below project with default class

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